The Power of Demo Day and Awards Ceremonies in Coding Education

Coding challenge awards

At Coder Sports Academy, the culmination of our third-grade hackathon challenge is not just about who codes the best game or the most intriguing animation. It’s about a celebration of learning, teamwork, and individual achievement that takes place during our “Demo Day” and the subsequent awards ceremony. These events are designed to foster a sense […]

3rd grade Coding Tournament Ideas

Coding Torunament Ideas

Student coding tournament ideas for K- 6 students. Keep an eye on our hacakthon and challenge page! Pre-Tournament PrepBefore the tournament begins, there’s a bit to sort out, but you’ve got this covered! You’ll help the kids form their teams and pick their project themes based on the fun options available from the Coder Sports […]

Unplugged Coding Lesson – Debugging and Problem-Solving

debug code lesson

Objective Students will learn the concept of debugging by identifying mistakes in sequences of actions and figuring out how to correct them. This lesson emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Materials Needed Lesson Duration 45 minutes Lesson Overview This lesson introduces students to the idea of debugging—a critical component of coding and programming. Through interactive […]

Unplugged Coding Lesson – Understanding Conditionals

programming lesson on conditionals

Objective Students will explore the concept of conditionals in programming through an interactive, computer-free activity. They will learn how conditionals can be used to make decisions based on different conditions. Materials Needed Lesson Duration 45 minutes Lesson Overview This lesson introduces the concept of conditionals, a fundamental coding structure that allows actions to be performed […]