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Kids Learn to Code with projects & games they love! Computer Coding Classes for Kids!


Coding Skills are the new literacy. Attend in person “coding practices” at our Coder Gym – Or join our Live Virtual coding lessons from anywhere!

Aligns with the Ontario Math Curriculum (2020) Strand C3 for Grades 1 – 8.

Advanced educational programs for Grades 9 – 12 align with the Ontario Minsitry of Education Computer Science curriculum guidelines.


We Love Math! Coder Athletes learn advanced mathematics as they code. Our math programs are based on the Singapore Ministry of Education standards.


Coding is a team sport! From Roblox coding in Lua, to the latest Robotics classes in AWS Deepracer, our kids learn to code in a positive, team based environment.​


Coding is Fun! We build games, robots, & more! Coding lessons in Ottawa include learning to make Minecraft mods in Java.​


Our Coding Development Programs integrate Mathematics, Language Arts, and Computer Science.


Every child can learn to lead. We mentor young leaders. Our coding classes include team leadership experiences.​

Code is Sport

At Coder Sports Academy, we empower children by teaching them coding in Python, Lua, JavaScript, and more. As coding skills become increasingly essential across all Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields, give your child a head start towards a bright future!

Our comprehensive approach goes beyond technology – we cultivate logical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, and much more. Our coding summer camps in Ottawa provide opportunities for children to engage in coding projects and learn the value of teamwork. From learning Python and Java programming to having fun at coding summer camps and exploring Scratch, Coder Sports has an educational program tailored for every child’s interests.

Enroll in our “coding for kids” classes and support your child in becoming a “Coder Athlete” today!

Build your child’s confidence & jumpstart a STEM education by giving them the opportunity to excel in these popular coding languages!

Raghu Bala
Raghu Bala
Coder Sports has been an excellent motivation for my son to get into the STEM field. The teachers have been creating an amazing environment of fun, learning, and challenge that makes him want to learn more and try exploring different options. Thanks to John and the teachers for teaching, encouraging, and showing variety of coding environments!
A Bates
A Bates
I never had issues getting my son to try coding, but getting my daughter hooked was a different story. Coder Sports is not like 'school', so it's a safe and carefree environment for her to spend time in learning at her own pace without any pressure. It does follow a curriculum or learning path as well, so I don't worry I am just sending her somewhere to just 'play games'. She is learning as she plays! More than just an online subscription option with Minecraft and Roblox, Coder Sports also has a beginner stream in Scratch, and an advanced stream in Python. Plus nothing can put a price on having fantastic client service, customized training plans, and onsite real time coaching to engage and support the kids. Getting kids fluent with coding languages is an essential skill! Don't wait! My two kids will continue this coding journey with coder sports for many years! I can't wait to see what they explore after they complete these fundamental elements.
Meng Xia
Meng Xia
bill zhou
bill zhou
We live in Barrhaven,but we are very passionate to join the coding class twice every week. My 10 yrs old son is learning fast and getting fun as well with the way they teach. The leader team works super professional and efficient. Thank you guys a lot! Especially John,the manager, who always gives extra extension time to the kid for finishing the program with no hurry, thank you John.
Kirstyn McGauley
Kirstyn McGauley
Fantastic new option for budding young computer-scientists! My 11 year old son absolutely loves it here - loves the coaches, loves the material they are working on, loves the entire 'vibe'. He looks forward to going each week and it's always a struggle to get him to leave!


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Have fun!

Amazing Coding Teachers!

University educated in Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics, our instructors combine the best of academic excellence with real world design experience.

We take Academic Excellence seriously at CoderSports.

Kids compete in the University of Waterloo, Centre for Education in Mathematics & Computing Contests each year.

Our kids are learning to code with mentors they can admire and follow.