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Coding for Kids & Teens
Online & In-Person Classes!

Tutoring in Coding aligns with Ontario Ministry of Education math curriculum for Grades K-12.

College Board Advanced Placement preparation for CS A and CS CSP exams.

Three Great options

teens learn to code in JS

Virtual Team Coding Classes

Year Round Program: Attend from Anywhere

Your child can learn to code with expert North American based Teachers!

Custom coding projects, interactive lessons with expert teachers, homework assignments, social game days.

First Lesson free for new students

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In Person Team Coding Lessons

Year Round Program: Attend weekly at our “Coder Gym”

The fastest way to learn software programming online.

Learn to code in our fun, hands on focused lessons. Join a Coder Team & attend monthly hackathons, coding tournaments, & make friends at social game nights.

First Lesson free for new students

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Fun Summer Camps & Courses

Special Events – Hands on STEM courses and camps

Make new friends for life. Join our fun coding camps & speciality courses. Explore amazing STEM projects and activities.

Learn Roblox Studio, Unity Game Engine, Minecraft Modding, and more! 

Spring & Summer Camp Registrations now open!

Kids Can Code @CoderSports

Learn modern programming languages + Solve real coding challenges + Build games in Python + Learn Lua for Roblox Studio + Study Java & Minecraft Redstone. ++ And so much more!

Plus - Kids Have Fun @CoderSports!

Authentic Testimonials from Parents

Bill Zhou
Bill Zhou
Great Experience
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My 10 yrs old son is learning fast and getting fun as well with the way they teach. The leader team works super professional and efficient. Thank you guys a lot!
Brian L.
Brian L.
Great STEM Education
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Amazing! My son loves Coder Sports Academy. The transition from in person to virtual was excellent throughout the pandemic. The coaches are very talented and patient. We recommend to everyone who has children interested in coding.
Kirstyn M
Kirstyn M
My son loves Coder Sports!
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Fantastic new option for budding young computer-scientists! My 11 year old son absolutely loves it here - loves the coaches, loves the material they are working on, loves the entire 'vibe'. He looks forward to going each week and it's always a struggle to get him to leave!
Meng Xia
Meng Xia
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Kids coding teamwork

Unleashing the Power of Computer Science for Future Leaders & Engineers.

The Coder Athlete Pledge

The Coder Athlete Pledge is a set of guiding principles that encourage a positive and supportive learning environment at Coder Sports Academy. These principles emphasize personal growth, respect, collaboration, and perseverance, which are essential qualities for success in the world of programming and beyond. The pledge is as follows:

  1. Try my best every day.
  2. Respect everyone in the Coder Gym.
  3. Help others.
  4. Always share what I learn.
  5. If I fail, I will try again.
girl learning python programming at computer
girl working at computer science lesson
In Person or Virtual Coding Lessons

We love to see coder athletes at our Coder Gym locations - Or choose our live virtual learning experience.

girl winning STEM prize
Hackathons & Tournaments

Code is Sport. Join our exciting coding "hackathon" challenges plus regular coding team tournaments & contests.

flexible class schedule
Flexible coding class timing & schedules

Our Coder Gym membership includes the option to drop by anytime for make up coding lessons and work on coding projects. No more missed lessons!

boys playing social learning games
Social Learning Opportunities

We design our programs to include significant age appropriate social learning and friendship development experiences. Game Nights, Math Contests, Drop In times, & more.

Explore our amazing hands on coding projects

explore our courses
minecraft camp
python game dev
Game Programming in Python

Provide the perfect way to learn Python and JavaScript programming with Replit & real IDE text editors. These courses are ideally suited for everyone who wants to take their Game Dev skills to the max!

roblox studio coding with lua
Roblox Studio

Learn to code scripts using the Lua programming language and explore advanced Roblox Studio in our fun hands on classes!

learn to make minecraft mods
Minecraft Coding

Learn to code in Python inside Minecraft! Explore the mathematics of Boolean logic with Redstone. Kids who love Minecraft - Love to Code!

scratch block coding lessons
AAA Block Coder MVP

Kids at Coder Sports jumpstart their Scratch & Microsoft Makecode projects in our hands on classes & camps. Children exceed grade level coding requirements and progress to text based coding as soon as they are ready.

unity game design lessons
Game Design Coding

Use the same game design engines are the pros, including open source Godot, as well as the powerful Unity and Unreal engines.

Teens @CoderSports build core Computer Science concepts including algorithms, artificial intelligence, graphics and software design principles.

unreal engine game coding
Advanced Game Design

We deploy dedicated AWS Cloud based GPU servers to enhance the real world software design principles & deployments so teens can build - and run with their wildest programming ideas!

Coder Sports Features

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Coder Leagues

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Learning Videos

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Coding Projects

1000s of
Coder Athletes

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Real Programming

Students learn real world software programming skills and theory, leading to early acceptance at the world’s leading STEM university programs. Kids use the same tools & languages in demand at the world’s leading tech companies & receive outstanding co-op placement opportunities.

stem teachers and math tutors

Expert Teachers

Coder Coaches combine academic excellence from the world’s leading STEM university programs with a love of teaching & mentoring. Experience the difference – help your child become our newest “coder athlete”!

scratch block coding for kids

Build Software Games

Kids learn how to design and build real programming projects. Our world leading PRIMM educational framework combined with our Long Term Coder Development Model ensure your child will advance in programming skills academic performance.
MVP award for coding tournament

Build Resiliency & Social Skills

At Coder Sports we are building future “Coder Athletes”. Teamwork, Leadership, Critical Thinking, & social interaction skills are integral to our educational development programs. Kids participate in Coding Teams and compete in tournaments, hackathons, and skills challenges every month.

Coder Coaches
coder Coaching Staff

The best teams start with the best coaches

Coder Coaches serve as positive role models, inspiring and guiding your child through engaging coding projects, emphasizing teamwork and problem-solving.

Our Coaching staff bring academic excellence in engineering, mathematics, and computer science to your child’s learning experience at Coder Sports.

STEM Education Specialty Programs

boy and girl learning to code together in a team
coder gym membership

Learn to code program for coder athletes

Elevate your child’s coding journey with our Coder Gym Membership, a dynamic program that pairs you with a Coder Team to attend weekly coding sessions, engage in hackathons, participate in coding tournaments, and enjoy social events.

Whether you choose to join once or twice a week, this membership offers a blend of structured learning and community engagement, designed to sharpen your skills and connect with like-minded peers.

code minecraft mods
Learn game design coding

Roblox Studio Lua - Minecraft Mod Java - Unity C# Specialized Courses

Explore the academic depths of game development with our courses focused on Roblox Studio Lua, Minecraft Mods in Java, and Unity C# Game Design.

These programs are designed to harness the educational potential of popular games, guiding students through a rigorous, concept-driven approach to creating their own interactive experiences.

advanced mathematics

Intense K12 Mathematics Program

Enhance your child’s competency in the application of mathematics principles. Our academic math program is based on the wonderful Dimensions Math® textbook series from Singapore Math, Inc (K-8) and the Advanced Placement Curriculum for high school students.

Build deep resiliency and confidence in math – allowing children to excel in their school math programs.

teens learn to code in JS
Discover Coding Camps & Events

Camps, Hackathons & Discover Coding Day Events

Teamwork and STEM leadership are the focus @Camps, Hackathons and Coding Tournaments. Kids make friends, face challenges, and win medals & trophies – just like other sports.

In our Discover Coding Days your child can experience life as a coder athlete at Coder Sports for a day. Join Us Today!

STEM Leadership @CoderSports

Kids learn to code and more. Our programs are designed to develop coding skills in computer science languages such as Python & Java.

We encourage their long term development through active teamwork opportunities in topics such as Software Game Design, Robotics & Machne Design, and Mathematics & Algorithmics.

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