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Fostering a Positive Learning Environment @CoderSports

The Coder Athlete Pledge is a set of guiding principles that encourage a positive and supportive learning environment at Coder Sports Academy. These principles emphasize personal growth, respect, collaboration, and perseverance, which are essential qualities for success in the world of programming and beyond. The pledge is as follows:

  1. Try my best every day.
  2. Respect everyone in the Coder Gym.
  3. Help others.
  4. Always share what I learn.
  5. If I fail, I will try again.
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Coach Jeff


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our unique curriculum

Combine the rigor of computer science with the collaborative spirit of sports. From our "Little Coders" program for young learners to advanced courses for teens, we tailor our approach to match educational milestones, ensuring a solid foundation in coding and computational thinking.

dynamic learning environment

Students aren’t just seated at computers; they're part of a lively community, working in teams, tackling coding challenges, and participating in hackathons and social events. Our dedicated team of educators and coaches fosters a culture of encouragement, innovation, and fun.

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a launchpad for future STEM leaders

We're more than a coding school; we're a launchpad for future STEM leaders, emphasizing not only technical skills but also critical soft skills like leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving. Join us and be part of a community where coding is a sport, and every child has the potential to be a coding champion.

Kids Can Code @CoderSports

Learn modern programming languages + Solve real coding challenges + Build games in Python + Learn Lua for Roblox Studio + Study Java & Minecraft Redstone. ++ And so much more!