Coder Challenge 2021!

Join us for the second annual CoderSports Kids Coding Tournament, November 14, 2021.

From beginner to experienced Coder – there is a division level that is perfect for your child.

Kids work together in fun teams with a Coder Coach and compete for fantastic prizes!


The CoderSports Coder Challenge 2021 is more than just a tournament. It is a festival celebrating engineering excellence. 

Working in teams, kids will be challenged to solve coding challenges in Python, Java, Scratch, and JavaScript. Our Coder Challenge 2021 is the perfect chance for your Coder Athlete to shine!

We even have a special Minecraft redstone Boolean Logic Challenge contest planned in the Minecraft Server!

software skills for children

Coder Divisons

Kids are assigned challenges based on age, skill level, and interest. Our core divisions are organized by age:

  • Scratch Coders
  • Computer Hardware Circuit Simulations in Minecraft
  • Python AA
  • Python AAA
We will be assigning the kids to real world “Dev Teams” and giving them a chance to work with our experienced Coder Coaches on fun, exciting, game based coding challenges.

Kids learn teamwork, computer science, and accomplish real life STEM challenges. Prizes, Trophies, and recognition of their hard work are the icing on the cake for Coder Athletes. Join us!

Coding Challenges

Learn Java coding

Java Projects

We have a series of Java focused challenges for kids interested in the Java Programming Track.

Have fun!

Python Coding for Kids

Is your child interested in building a game in Python? Our Python Challenges are going to push Coder Teams to the limit of their knowledge & skill.

Tournament Focus

Create amazing custom tools, weapons, biomes, and more for Minecraft®! 100%
Learn to Code Real World Projects
Kids learn real Java coding using the Eclipse text editor 100%
Real Computer Science Concepts
Students learn conditionals, loops, booleans, methods, and more! 100%
Kids learn they can code and go from "playing" to "building"! 100%

Coding is the New Literacy

Learning to code is a fundamental skill in the 21 st century. Give your children the gift of knowledge and prepare them for the future.