Coding for Kids Ottawa

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Empowering the Next Generation of Innovators In the vibrant city of Ottawa, parents seeking to introduce their children to the world of technology and computer science are fortunate to have a wealth of high-quality educational programs at their fingertips. Among these, Coder Sports, Carleton University’s Virtual Ventures, and the University of Ottawa’s STEM summer camps […]

What makes the best coding camp for kids?

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In a world increasingly driven by technology, coding camps have emerged as powerful gateways for kids to explore the realms of computer science, technology, and digital creativity. However, with so many options available, what truly sets the best coding camps apart? Drawing on the success and acclaim of Coder Sports, let’s delve into the elements […]

Minecraft Modding Camp at Coder Sports Academy

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Creating an engaging and educational experience around Minecraft Modding requires a deep dive into both the creative aspects of Minecraft and the technical skills involved in modding. Here’s a detailed look at what our Minecraft Modding camp offers, blending learning, creativity, and fun in a structured curriculum. Welcome to an immersive adventure where gaming meets […]

Roblox Studio Coding Camp at Coder Sports Academy

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Welcome to the Roblox Studio Coding Camp, an innovative and immersive experience where young minds transform from game players into game creators. Hosted by Coder Sports Academy, this camp is designed to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of coders and designers through the exciting world of Roblox Studio. Dive Into Game Development Roblox […]

Python Coding Camp

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Python Pioneers: Code Your Future with Python! This hands-on workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to one of the most popular programming languages. What Will They Learn? Code with Confidence: Master Python’s syntax, variables, and functions.Think Like a Programmer: Develop logic with loops, conditions, and object-oriented programming.Create and Innovate: Build projects using files and powerful Python […]

Coding Games Dev Camp 1

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Our fun coding camp is designed for kids and teens who are new to coding. Explore fun block coding projects, build your own computer games, and learn the fundamentals of computer science. Kids make new friends and learn key concepts such as loops, variables, and functions in our hands on, “fun first” coder camp. Children […]

Roblox Studio Coding Camp

roblox studio coding with lua

Join our Roblox Creators camp, designed specifically for kids! If your child loves playing Roblox, why not empower them to create their own games? In this hands-on camp, students will dive into the world of game development using Roblox Studio, guided by our expert instructors. They’ll learn the fundamentals of coding with the Lua language, […]

Coder Kids 1a: Discover the Magic of Scratch!

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Kids Can Code! Welcome to our once week, 8-week Little Coders workshop, crafted for young minds aged 5-9! This fun-filled adventure introduces children to the colorful world of block coding using Scratch. What Will They Explore? Create and Animate: Bring characters to life with playful animations. Build and Play: Design simple games and interactive stories. […]