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U18 Hackathon

Coder Sports Academy Monthly Teen Hackathon: A Challenge for Aspiring Coders! Join us at Coder Sports Academy for our exhilarating monthly Teen Hackathon! Tailored for young programming enthusiasts aged 13 and above, this event offers a dynamic and competitive coding environment. Held on a Saturday each month, our three-hour hackathon is the perfect complement to …

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Coder Athlete MVP Award for Hackathon

U13 Hackathon

Coder Sports Academy Monthly U13 Hackathon: A Coding Adventure for Kids! Welcome to the Coder Sports Academy’s monthly U13 Hackathon! This vibrant and engaging event is crafted especially for our budding young coders aged 6 to 12. Join us one Saturday morning each month for this two-hour coding adventure, an ideal addition to our regular …

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