AP Computer Science A Project: Implementing a Basic Social Media Platform in Java

Java CS A projects

Overview In this project, we’ll tackle a more complex application that aligns with the concepts taught in the AP Computer Science A course. Students will create a basic version of a social media platform, using Java, that allows users to create accounts, post messages, and follow other users. This project will encompass a broad range […]

C++ Tutorial: Building a Currency Converter in Replit

Convert USD to other currency program

Welcome to this exciting journey into the world of C++ programming! If you’re a high school student curious about coding, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to create a moderately complex project: a Currency Converter. This project will not only introduce you to basic programming concepts in C++ but also provide a practical […]

Learning Models: Approaches to Computer Science Education for Teens

Kids coding lessons

While the PRIMM framework is an effective model for designing coding lessons, there are other teaching models and strategies you can consider as well. One popular alternative is the Use-Modify-Create (UMC) model. The UMC model has three main stages: Other tips for designing coding lessons for children include: Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to […]