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Coding Summer Camps!

5 Day Coder Camps

Expand your Coder Skills & Have a Blast!
Summer 2023 - In Person & Live Virtual Options
All Day Camps
(Mon - Friday)
  • Beginners can Code - Learn How!
  • Experienced Coders - Go Deep into Advanced Projects in Roblox/Lua, Python PyGame, and JavaScript projects
  • Have Fun & Make New Friends
  • Teamwork & Leadership Opportunities
  • Expand your Horizons - Learn to Code!
  • Explore new Coding Languages

Spring Break and Summer Camp Schedule - "In Person" + "Live Virtual" Options

In the Location field below, select “Kanata Coder Gym” to view all “In Person” Summer Camps. For Live Virtual Camps, choose “Virtual Coder Gym”.

July 2023
August 2023
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