Singapore Math® classes!

Join our Singapore Ministry of Education inspired Mathematics Program for children in K - 8th grade. Meets the Ontario Mathematics (2020) Curriculum requirements.

Excel in Mathematics
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Our team of mathematicians, computer scientists, and engineers are focused on helping kids achieve their academic goals.


We Love Math! Our math programs are based on the Singapore Ministry of Education standards.


We designed our math education program to integrate fun, project based algorithmic challenges throughout each grade level.

Mathematics Education

We standardized on the fantastic Singapore Math® curriculum to deliver an outstanding mathematics educational program for children in grades K – 8.  Singapore Math® is a highly effective teaching approach that instills deep understanding of mathematical concepts. 

Meets the Ontario Mathematics (2020) Curriculum requirements.

The CoderSports mathematics educational program is built on the outstanding Singapore Math® series. Kids learn through practical, hands on math problem solving exercises and assignments. The Math program meets the Ontario Mathematics (2020) Curriculum.

Individualized Math Mentoring

Kids acquire complex mathematical concepts at different rates. Our highly individualized approach to teaching math allows each child to move through our program at their own pace. From lessons to assignments and tests, your child will never experience boredom, or the anxiety of being left behind.

Excellence in Mathematics Education

Our mathematics education team is led by mathematicians with a passion for education. We build our educational outcomes on fantastic curriculum, designed to bridge the transition from North American mathematics education to Singapore Ministry of Education standards.

Are we Having Fun Yet?

Kids love games, challenges, and projects. Our Singapore math students compete in University of Waterloo, Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing sponsored contests throughout the academic year.

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