Learn to Code in Python - Weekly Game Design Camps

Kids learn to code Python in our fun, hands on focused Camp. From beginner coders to our most advanced “Coder Athletes”, we have Python game development challenges and lots of fun “computer science” focused games & activities planned. 

Dates: Each week, starting May 6th, 2020 – 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Location: Online Live Virtual Coding Camps. 

Will also be available at our Kanata Coder Gym and other locations throughout Ontario when we are able to re-open!

Summer Coding Camps 2020

Fun Coding camp for Kids in Ottawa
$ 299
  • Learn Python - Projects for Beginner to Advanced Coders
  • Fun games & team STEM related activities
  • Real Text Based Coding experience for kids from 7 - 14+

Coach John

Live virtual Coding Camps run every week starting May 6, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 

Kids who are new to coding will learn fundamental concepts through our hands on exercises and fun educational games. From Boolean Logic, to Functions and Lists, kids from beginner to advanced will build their coding skills and expertise.

software skills for children

Kids Learn Python

Kids ages 7 – 14 are learning Python right now at Coder Sports. Join us and become our newest “Coder Athlete”!

Classes starting every week in our new Live Virtual Classroom environment.

Why Coder Sports?

Learn Python coding

Learn to Code

Our Coder Athletes build their project portfolio & prepare for future opportunities at the world’s leading STEM universities.

Have fun!

Real Programming for Kids in Ottawa

Kids learn real programming at Coder Sports. We teach text based coding using real world design principles & tools.

Course Focus

Create amazing games in Python. Learn Logic, functions, and more. 100%
Learn Python
Kids learn real Python coding using. 100%
Real Computer Science Concepts
Students learn conditionals, loops, booleans, methods, and more! 100%
Kids learn they can code and go from "playing" to "building"! 100%

Our Kids Know Python… Join Us!

Learn how to use an IDE

Gain real world experience with important text editors.

kids coding lessons

Become a Coder Athlete today and Learn to Code with friends,

Build Python Games

no more "just playing" now you can really start building code!

Multiethnic school kids using computer in classroom at elementary school. Portrait of arab boy looking at camera in a computer room. Smiling primary student in a row using desktop pc in class room.

professional tools

Use the same tools as companies like Google, Facebook, Shopify, and Kinaxis.

Future Coder pros

Academic Focused classes for kids interested in University STEM programs.

Make Friends for life

Monthly social events - CodeAThon, GameJam, & Tournament nights.

Teamwork & LEadership

A STEM Education is more than just academic excellence.

Coder Athletes learn to work together on projects.

Coding is the New Literacy

Learning to code is a fundamental skill in the 21 st century. Give your children the gift of knowledge and prepare them for the future.