What We Believe

“We believe learning to code is a path to freedom for every child.”

Coding is the new Literacy of the 21st century. Coder Sports Academy believes everyone can learn to code. 

Founded by silicon valley engineers with decades of experience in STEM, we are dedicated to sharing the gift of coding literacy with the world.

Coding Skills

Everyone starts somewhere. We design individualized development plans for each Coder Athlete.

From Block Programming with Scratch to the latest Python Libraries, we've got your child's development covered.

Software Design

Our team of Coder Coaches are experienced software developers.

Coder Athletes build skills in coding, and begin to learn industry best practices for software design.


Coding is a team sport, and our Coder Athletes experience teamwork throughout their development.

From small dev teams to larger projects, coder athletes gain insight into how to work together successfully.


The art of leadership is more important than ever in today's STEM fields.

Coder Athletes gain invaluable opportunities to practice timeless leadership principles in small and large groups as their technical skills grow.

Long Term Coder Development Framework

Little Coders

Our Little Coders programs are aimed at children ages 5 - 6. To succeed in a challenging technical field, students need to develop resilience. Our FUNdamentals programs provide young children with opportunities to learn how to stay safe on The Internet and develop their confidence with computers.

Coding for Fun

Children ages 7 - 8 begin their journey of discovery in our "Coding for Fun" programs. We utilize an array of teaching tools and best in class course-ware that encompasses opportunities from beginner to advanced. The goal is for kids to progress at their own pace, while exploring opportunities to learn how to participate as part of a team.

Learning to Code

Kids age 9 - 10 gain practical programming skills using real world frameworks and languages such as Python & JavaScript. Coder athletes in this age range develop deeper technical skills, preparing them for more complex project based learning opportunities. Coder athletes may begin with a block language then quickly migrate to modern programming languages.

Coding with Creativity & Problem Solving

Working closely with a Coder Coach, children age 11 - 12 experience complex project based tasks in areas such as game design, app development, and overall programming literacy.

Advanced Coding & Design Solutions

With programs at this level ranging from new coder students to experienced coder athletes, the emphasis is on individual skill development., teamwork and leadership experiences. Kids ages 13 - 14 are given opportunities to come together as a team for events such as Deep Racer AI challenges.

Software Development - Teams & Leadership

Coder Athletes ages 15 - 18 cover a complete spectrum of backgrounds, from new students, to experienced programmers who have found work as co-op employees and are interested in continuing their development in preparation for university admissions. Young people at this level gain expertise in computer science theory & software engineering concepts. Teamwork, group projects, working in Agile environments, and business startup challenges ensure post secondary aged coder athletes continue to gain valuable skills & insights at Coder Sports Academy.

Coding for Life

Our Coding for Life program is focused on taking programming expertise and building on it in emerging fields such as data science, machine learning and AI. Kids of any age are challenged to build their expertise in one of several emerging technology focus domains such as - Cloud Software as a Service, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Robotics, Cryptography & Cryptocurrencies. Our experienced Coder Coaches work closely with industry partners to create challenging projects and opportunities that are current and meaningful.

Skills Development - Coding & More

Our Coder Athletes learn how to code using the latest languages, tools, & frameworks.

They also learn how to achieve their goals - from academics to careers, and from startup business leadership to giving back to our communities.

Parent Information Sessions

Sign up for a free parent information session and see for yourself how Coder Sports is changing the lives of children in your community.