Grade 1 Curriculum Overview

Grade 1 Coding Course Outline with Ontario Curriculum Alignment

Each module in this course outline is designed to align closely with the Ontario Grade 1 Mathematics Curriculum. It focuses on developing fundamental skills like pattern recognition, basic arithmetic, and problem-solving, which are core aspects of the curriculum. The labs and projects ensure practical application and a deeper understanding of these concepts, fostering a well-rounded learning experience.

Module 1: Introduction to Coding

– Lesson 1: “Discovering Coding”
– Basics of block-based coding.
– Lab: Interact with a coding platform.
– Alignment: Introduces digital literacy and basic problem-solving skills.
– **Lesson 2: “Coding Simple Commands”**
– Learning move and turn commands.
– Project: Code a character’s movement.
– Alignment: Enhances students’ understanding of sequential events and basic geometry.

**Module 2: Exploring Patterns with Coding**

– **Lesson 1: “Pattern Making”**
– Creating and identifying patterns.
– Lab: Code to generate patterns.
– Alignment: Directly relates to recognizing and creating patterns (Strand C: Algebra).
– **Lesson 2: “Animating Patterns”**
– Introduction to loops.
– Project: Animate patterns.
– Alignment: Expands on pattern recognition and prediction, fostering critical thinking.

**Module 3: Problem-Solving and Logical Thinking**

– **Lesson 1: “Problem-Solving with Code”**
– Tackling coding challenges.
– Lab: Solve coding puzzles.
– Alignment: Develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
– **Lesson 2: “Debugging Basics”**
– Basic error correction in code.
– Project: Debug a code snippet.
– Alignment: Enhances logical reasoning and error detection skills.

**Module 4: Integrating Coding with Mathematics**

– **Lesson 1: “Math Operations in Code”**
– Coding for basic arithmetic.
– Lab: Math exercises in code.
– Alignment: Links coding with mathematical operations (Strand B: Number).
– **Lesson 2: “Coding Geometric Shapes”**
– Draw shapes using code.
– Project: Create a geometric art piece.
– Alignment: Integrates geometry with coding, reinforcing spatial sense.