Frequently Asked Questions

Coder Sports Academy teaches children computer coding skills in a fun team based learning environment. Our programs include opportunities to use real programming languages and professional tools. Students learn to solve complex problems using teamwork and software programming knowledge.

“Coder Athletes” learn how to lead teams of their peers while creating games, building websites, and exploring fun topics such as drone AI development.

Coder Sports Academy was founded in Ottawa, Ontario. New locations will be opening soon. Contact us anytime to request more information.

Coder Sports programs are designed to ensure kids experience fun, teamwork, and academic excellence.

Young “Coder Athletes” in our programs develop outstanding computer science knowledge and the ability to work as part of a team.

The Coder Sports “Long Term Coder Development Model” focuses on teaching coder athletes technical skills while providing opportunities to experience teamwork and leadership challenges over a multi-year development process.

Coder Athletes learn coding skills, develop problem solving abilities, and make new friends in a safe and positive learning environment.

Coder Sports Academy works with industry partners & educational institutions to ensure all our educational programs align with current best practices and prepare our coder athletes for post-secondary success.

Coder Sports Academy teaches block programming for beginners and young students. We teach JavaScript, Python, Java, Lua, Unreal Blueprints scripting language, and more on the way all the time.

Our courses balance academic knowledge with practical hands on skills. Coder athletes learn topics such as booleans, conditionals, loops, variables, METHODs, arrays, switch statements, functions, and much more.

Our programs also focus on fundamental mathematical concepts essential to computer science.  We incorporate key teamworking, leadership, and business / entrepreneurial skills throughout our “Long Term Coder Development Model”.

Our courses have been carefully developed for children as young as 7.

We accept children under 7 into our special “Little Coders” program on a case by case basis.

Yes! Everyone starts somewhere 🙂

New “coder athletes” usually begin with our block programming lesson plans. Kids experience the joy of coding immediately and build their confidence from day one. Our team of experienced “Coder Coaches”, who hold STEM degrees from accredited universities, are here to guide your child on their journey of discovery.

Coder Sports is primarily focused on outstanding educational and personal development experiences for children ages 7  to 14.

Along with individual projects and lessons, kids aged 7 – 14  join a “Coder Team” based on their age and shared interests. Coder Teams complete challenges and earn prizes throughout the “league season”.  The emphasis is on FUN & learning.

Our “Little Coders” program for children under the age of 7 is available on an individual case by case basis.

Yes. Teens aged 15 – 18 may join our “Code Ventures” program. 

Along with technical excellence in coding, teens learn teamwork, presentation skills, leadership, and business topics such as corporate marketing, sales, & finance. Teens may also explore advanced topics in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning using tools such as Amazon AWS SageMaker & challenges such as DeepRacer.  Teens may focus on core Information Technology programs in areas such as TCP/IP networking, Cyber Security, Blockchain, and many other current areas of interest.

Teens who are new to coding complete individual development lessons while working in a team on real world business startup ideas.

At Coder Sports we know the decision to learn to code is a big step for all families. We provide you with the opportunity to explore our coding or math lessons for an entire week with no long term obligation. For families new to Coder Sports, if you find our program is not right for you and your child, you may request a tuition refund at any point in the first week of classes. 

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