U13 Hackathon


Mar 09 2024


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Coder Sports Academy Monthly U13 Hackathon: A Coding Adventure for Kids!

Welcome to the Coder Sports Academy’s monthly U13 Hackathon! This vibrant and engaging event is crafted especially for our budding young coders aged 6 to 12. Join us one Saturday morning each month for this two-hour coding adventure, an ideal addition to our regular weekly programming classes at Coder Sports.

What Awaits Your Young Coder:
– Interactive Coding Challenges: Children will explore fun, age-appropriate coding puzzles designed to spark their creativity and problem-solving skills.
– Team-Based Projects: In a supportive environment, kids will collaborate in teams, blending their unique talents to create exciting projects.
– A Creative Playground: This event is the perfect setting for young minds to experiment with code, whether they’re using Scratch, Makecode, or stepping into text-based programming.

Experience the Fun:
– Social and Educational: It’s not just about coding; it’s a social gathering where kids can make new friends, share their coding stories, and learn from each other in a lively setting.
– Skill Building: Whether they’re beginners or have some coding experience, every participant will find something new and exciting to learn and share.
– Celebration of Creativity: We encourage freedom of expression through code, letting kids show off their unique ideas and solutions.

What They’ll Take Home:
– A sense of achievement and excitement, fueling their passion for technology.
– New friendships and memorable experiences from collaborative learning.
– A boost in confidence as they proudly showcase their coding projects.

Join the Coding Fun!
– Sign up for the Coder Sports Academy’s U13 Hackathon and let your child experience the joy and excitement of coding in a fun, nurturing environment. It’s not just coding; it’s an adventure in learning and creativity!


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