One Day Coder Dev Training Camp == Amazing!

Attend our One Day Coder Training Camp

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Attend our One Day Coder Training Camp – Have Fun & Learn to Code!

Coder Athletes at our One Day Training Camps may opt to explore a range of exciting coding projects, from beginner to advanced, it’s all about having fun and pushing yourself to be a better Coder!

Coders with experience in Java can build new Minecraft mods. Prefer Roblox games? We’ve got you covered with many exciting Lua projects.

From Mobile Game Apps, to building professional quality websites, and more!

One Day Coder Training Camp

Expand your Coder Skills & Have a Blast!
$ 59
One day
  • Perfect PD/PA Day Activity
  • Beginners can Code - Learn How!
  • Experienced Coders - Go Deep into Advanced Projects
  • Have Fun & Make New Friends
  • Teamwork & Leadership Opportunities
  • Expand your Horizons - Learn to Code!
  • Explore new Coding Languages