Data Science Project for students – leverage JavaScript and focusing on climate change

learn data science

Let’s embark on an intriguing data science project that leverages JavaScript, focusing on climate change—a subject that seamlessly intersects with 12th-grade biology. This tutorial will guide you through analyzing and visualizing global temperature data to uncover the effects of climate change. We’ll use JavaScript to fetch, process, and visualize this data in an engaging and […]

Tutorial: Create a JavaScript Pong Game in Replit

javascript tutorial

Tutorial Overview We’ll be building a Pong game from scratch, covering all stages from setting up your project on Replit to expanding the game’s features. The tutorial is structured as follows: Getting Started with Replit Creating an Account on Replit Setting Up Your Project Introduction to JavaScript We’ll briefly go over JavaScript basics that we’ll […]

P5JS – Our newest JS Library for fun game dev

p5js training course

At Coder Sports, we’re excited to introduce a fun and accessible way for students to dive into game development using p5.js! This JavaScript library simplifies coding for artists, designers, and educators, making it perfect for beginners. With p5.js, you can easily create interactive graphics and games directly in the browser, offering a hands-on approach to […]

Free Tutorial: Blast Off with JavaScript – A Fun & Galactic Adventure!

create a space coding game in python

Introduction: Hey there, young code-warrior! Are you ready to embark on a galactic adventure that will take your coding skills to the next level? If you’ve dabbled in the world of block coding, it’s time to blast off into the exciting universe of JavaScript! With JavaScript, you can create cool games, interactive websites, and even […]