Tutorial: Learning Python with Juypter Notebooks!

Learn Jupyter Notebooks

Running a Jupyter Notebook is an excellent way for beginners to learn Python in an interactive environment. This tutorial will guide you through setting up and running a Jupyter Notebook on your own computer. The instructions assume you have a basic understanding of operating a computer and can use the command line. Tutorial Overview 1. […]

Data Science Project for students – leverage JavaScript and focusing on climate change

learn data science

Let’s embark on an intriguing data science project that leverages JavaScript, focusing on climate change—a subject that seamlessly intersects with 12th-grade biology. This tutorial will guide you through analyzing and visualizing global temperature data to uncover the effects of climate change. We’ll use JavaScript to fetch, process, and visualize this data in an engaging and […]

Dive Deeper into the world of data science using Python

girl learning advanced placement CS A Java

In this tutorial, we’re going to dive deeper into the world of data science using Python, focusing on a more complex project that involves statistical analysis, regression, and hypothesis testing. This project is suitable for a bright 12th-grade student interested in STEM fields, combining both coding and advanced math concepts. We’ll be working with a […]