Roblox Studio – Building Fun Games! “Lava Floor Challenge”

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In this tutorial, we’ll embark on a creative journey with Roblox Studio to create a fun and engaging mini-game: “Lava Floor Challenge”. This game will be an exciting project for parents and their children to work on together, applying the skills they’ve learned from previous tutorials about Roblox Studio and Lua scripting.

Tutorial Overview

  1. Game Concept Overview
  2. Setting Up Your Game Environment
  3. Scripting the Lava Floor
  4. Adding a Scoring System
  5. Testing and Publishing Your Game
  6. Conclusion

1. Game Concept Overview

The “Lava Floor Challenge” is a survival game where players must jump onto floating platforms to avoid touching the lava-covered ground. As time progresses, the platforms move faster, making the game increasingly challenging. The goal is to survive as long as possible.

2. Setting Up Your Game Environment

  • Step 1: Create a New Project
  • Open Roblox Studio and create a new project. Choose a flat terrain template to start with a simple layout.
  • Step 2: Designing the Environment
  • Use the “Part” tool to create platforms of various sizes scattered around the map.
  • Change the color of the terrain to red, simulating a lava floor.
  • Add some static platforms near spawn points to ensure players have a safe starting point.

3. Scripting the Lava Floor

Step 1: Making the Lava Deadly

Insert a Script into the Terrain (or the lava part) and add the following Lua code to damage players upon touching the lava:

  local character = hit.Parent 
  local humanoid = character:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid")
  if humanoid then 
    humanoid.Health = 0 -- Instantly defeats the player endend)</code>

Step 2: Making Platforms Move

Insert a Script into one of your platforms and use the following template to make it move back and forth:

local platform = script.Parent 
local distance = 50 -- How far the platform moves 
local speed = 2 -- How fast the platform moves 

while true do 
    platform:TweenPosition(platform.Position +, 0, 0), "InOut", "Linear", speed, true) wait(speed) 
    platform:TweenPosition(platform.Position -, 0, 0), "InOut", "Linear", speed, true) wait(speed) 

4. Adding a Scoring System

Step 1: Using a Leaderboard

Add a script to the ServerScriptService to create a leaderboard that tracks each player’s survival time:

    local leaderstats ="Folder", player) 
    leaderstats.Name = "leaderstats"
    local score ="IntValue", leaderstats) 
    score.Name = "Score" 
    score.Value = 0 
    while player.Parent do 
        score.Value += 1 -- Increase score every second

5. Testing and Publishing Your GamTesting Your Game

Press “Play” in Roblox Studio to enter Play Mode and test your game. Check if the lava defeats the player, platforms move correctly, and the scoring system works.

Publishing Your Game

Once satisfied with your game, click “File” > “Publish to Roblox” and follow the prompts to share your creation with the world.

6. Conclusion

Congratulations! You and your child have successfully created the “Lava Floor Challenge” mini-game in Roblox Studio. This project not only provided a fun and engaging activity but also reinforced programming concepts and encouraged creativity. Encourage your child to continue experimenting with Roblox Studio to bring their imaginative ideas to life. Happy gaming and developing!


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