Roblox Unit 1.0 Overview


# Coding Fundamentals

## Series Description

Start coding in Roblox with this extensive course covering major topics. Broken down into multiple series based off topic, each individual lesson will explain a concept and then provide a practical example to practice.

We recommend doing these series in order. No prior experience in coding is needed, but general knowledge of the Roblox Studio interface is advised.

## Series Contents

Series | Description
:-- | :--
Variables and Objects | The foundational start to coding in Roblox. Covers introductory topics such as creating a script, writing code, and common concepts in computer science such as variables.
Functions and Events | Use functions to create sets of code that can be repeated multiple times in a script. Then, apply that knowledge with events to create interactive objects such as traps or bridges.
Conditionals | Covers the concept of conditionals, such as if then statements that allow code to run if specific criteria is met. Apply this information to create powerups and give players points in a game.
Loops | Learn how to repeat code using loops such as for and while loops. Apply the concept to code timers, or lights and flash on and off over time.
Dictionaries and Arrays | While variables can store just one piece of data, sometimes scripts need larger sets of information. Data structures, such as dictionaries and array store large sets of data, such as items owned by players.
Organizing Code | A more advanced series, learn how to organize code in module scripts, a unique type of script that can interact with other scripts in Roblox Lua.