U18 Hackathon


Feb 10 2024


2:30 pm - 4:00 pm



Coder Sports Academy Monthly Teen Hackathon: A Challenge for Aspiring Coders!

Join us at Coder Sports Academy for our exhilarating monthly Teen Hackathon! Tailored for young programming enthusiasts aged 13 and above, this event offers a dynamic and competitive coding environment. Held on a Saturday each month, our three-hour hackathon is the perfect complement to your regular coding sessions at Coder Sports.

What to Expect:

– Advanced Coding Challenges: Dive into complex, real-world problems that demand creativity, critical thinking, and advanced coding skills.
– Team Collaboration: Work in teams to strategize and develop innovative solutions. This is a great opportunity to enhance your teamwork and leadership skills.
– Friendly Competition: Compete against your peers in a friendly environment. Showcase your coding prowess and strive for the top spot!

The Experience:

– Networking and Community: Connect with like-minded teens passionate about technology. Build your network and learn from each other.
– Skill Enhancement: Whether you’re into Python, JavaScript, C#, or Java, use this platform to sharpen your coding skills and learn new techniques.
– Fun and Engagement: Enjoy an atmosphere that’s buzzing with energy and excitement. The hackathon is not just about coding; it’s about being part of a vibrant community.

– Leave the hackathon with a sense of achievement, new friendships, and a deeper passion for coding.
– Gain valuable experience that will help in your coding journey and future tech endeavors.

Ready to Code?
– Sign up now and be part of the Coder Sports Academy’s Teen Hackathon. Experience the thrill, the challenge, and the joy of coding like never before!



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Ottawa - Kanata
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