Long Term Coder Development Framework – LTCD

Academic Focus + Silicon Valley Tech Industry Expertise

All Coder Sports Athletes progress through both technical and personal skills development activities designed to prepare them for university or college studies in the STEM fields. This preparation is also suitable for young people who are interested in pursuing other academic interests where the skills gained through our Long Term Coder Development Framework provide foundational knowledge that will help facilitate future success.

 We have built a multi-year progressive curriculum designed to provide kids and teens with increasingly complex academic and technical challenges. Children who participate in our programs will develop technical skills in industry leading software programming languages such as Java, Python, C# and JavaScript. They will learn fundamental computer science concepts and experience real world design processes including opportunities to experience the principles and practices of an Agile learning and development environment.

Coder Sports Long-Term Coder Development Framework (LTCF) is a seven-stage model based on the Sports Canada & Hockey Canada Long-Term Player Development Model. Each stage in our model corresponds to a distinct development point in the growth of a student coder. The first three stages emphasize technical literacy in a variety of coding core skills. The final three stages focus on computer science, mathematics, & personal skills such as leadership, teamwork, and entrepreneurial excellence.

  1. FUN-damentals
  2. Learning to Code 1
  3. Learning to Code 2
  4. Creativity & Problem Solving
  5. Advanced Coding & Designing Solutions
  6. Coding Leadership, Teamwork, & Entrepreneurial Skills – Ages 14 – 18
  7. Coding for Life Ages 18+

Coding for Life

Coder Sports programs build the skills kids need to incorporate STEM knowledge into every aspect of their lives. Students who opt to explore fields of study or employment outside of Coding will be prepared for new challenges and opportunities in any field of interest.

Real World Coding to Solve Real World Challenges

As students advance through Coder Sports challenging programs, they learn programming languages that are in current demand throughout industry and the public sector. Our students build their technical knowledge and skills through real world exercises and labs designed to foster creative thinking, problem solving, and most importantly, teamwork.

Coder Development Age and Experience Levels

Our Little Coder program is designed for children ages 4 – 6. Little Coders attend once a week at a time designated only for little ones.

Little Coders are supported by both an early childhood educator and an experienced Coder Coach.  

Junior Coders typically begin their journey of discovery with a series of fun, engaging Scratch projects designed to ensure they develop core coding concepts along with typing and teamwork skills.

Coder Athletes may graduate to one of several text based coding development paths, including Minecraft mods using Java, Roblox coding in Lua, as well as game development in Python or JavaScript.

Coder Assistant Team Captains are experienced Coder Athletes with a minimum of one year experience or equivalent knowledge. Individuals at this level develop advanced coding concepts and work across multiple development environments. 

Assistant Team Captains take on increasing responsibilities to lead and mentor junior coder athletes during Tournaments, Codeathons and Hackathons.

Coder Team Captains display advanced technical knowledge in one or more text based programming languages. They will have gained experience with the product development lifecycle and software development approaches such as Agile.

Coder Team Captains act as technical role models and are expected to assume increasing leadership responsibilities during extra curricular activities including GameJams, Tournaments, Codeathons and Hackathons.

Coder Pro Athletes are older youth with two or more years of experience as a member of a Coder Gym. Experience as a Coder Team Captain is required.

Once selected as a Coder Pro Athlete, individuals will receive one-on-one academic focused mentoring in their chosen coding language, opportunities to explore entrepreneurial ideas within best practice startup development frameworks, and coaching in areas of preferred technical and business venture interests.